Babena is a collection of authentic babenas NFT's living on the Kadena blockchain. They like gas free transactions, rekted milk and digging in the mine to support proof of work mechanism. Babenas are made to help tackle security and scalability in a clearly most decentralized way.
Hated by insiders, loved by people they are ready to meow on Kadena blockchain.
Everything you need in one place to taste ground-breaking technology of marmalade standard with 0 gas fees on decentralized NFT platform. Enjoy the most popular NFT collections on Kadena, all with a seamless experience in an ever-expanding space.
Chief Executive Meower
Frontend Saint
Backend Beast
Designer Guru
Policy Pawtrol
Kadena’s blockchain platform consists of a public blockchain called Chainweb and the Pact smart contract language. Kadena provides a hybrid blockchain platform, including the only sharded and scalable layer-1 PoW public network.

Babena is a fat cats collection living on the Kadena blockchain. Babenas are made to help tackle security and scalability in a clearly most decentralized way ~ by building Kadena ecosystem with philanthropy in mind and value creation as a goal, backed by real revenue streams with BabeDAO.

It will contain: NFTs, dapps, NFT tools and staking, dao tools, comic, merch & more.

Speed & scalability

Kadena is the fastest sharded layer-1 PoW blockchain today, capable of delivering infrastructure-grade performance for the DeFi economy.

Control & connectivity

Kadena’s high-performance permissioned network connects to the public blockchain, enabling custom service architecture for the most demanding use case requirements.

Security & simplicity

Kadena’s smart contract language is purpose-built for blockchains and uses military-grade security features such as Formal Verification.

The Pact smart contract language acts as the bridge that ties the Kadena ecosystem together, and it is the most powerful tool for creating applications on a blockchain. Pact is a mature language that was designed to be readable by non-developers and has been battle tested in production applications.

Pact already contains all of the features that other projects say they will develop eventually, including full Formal Verification of user code, error messages, contract upgradability, multi-signature, and support for interoperability. Pact focuses on facilitating transactional logic with the optimal mix of functionality in authorization, data management and workflow. 

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